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Modular Designs by Joyce Lundrigan
Joyce Lundrigan
Feather Base plus the Circle
Topper make a P2P triangle.

Array 4 triangles to make a
block pattern.
Feather Set   $60
Feather Base plus 6 interchangeable Toppers
Circles, Curls, Feathers, Heart, Star and Wine Glass
Joyce Lundrigan has developed a new concept which will give you  
more creative choices in the design elements you use to fill both
blocks and triangles.

Each of her Modular Design pattern sets include
one Point to Point base and six toppers
Pick a base pattern and then add the topper of your choice
to fit the mood of a specific quilt.

Mix and match within sets or use a base from one set and
a topper from another.

Patterns are P2P and can be used in any triangle, or with the
Page Turner technique.

The more sets you own, the more combinations you can make.
One set = 6 patterns
But look how the numbers increase when you mix toppers from
one set with the base from another!
Two sets = 24 patterns
Three sets = 54 patterns

We have five sets available now; watch for more to follow.
Each set will make 6 patterns. A $90 value for $60.
Feathers and Curls
Feathers and Feathers
Feathers and Heart
Feathers and Star
Feathers and Wine Glass
Ribbons and Diamonds
Ribbons and Fern
Ribbons and Fern Flower
Ribbons and Ribbons
Ribbons and Star
Ribbons and Triple Hearts
Feathers and Circles
Ribbon Set   $60
Ribbon Base plus 6 interchangeable Toppers
Diamonds, Fern, Fern Flower, Ribbons, Star and Triple Hearts
"Intrepidity" by Joyce Lundrigan won First Place
in the Quilting Treasures, Quilts of Valor Challenge, at the 2012 HMQS show.
See a detail block above, quilted with Ribbons and Stars.
"Feathered Fireworks" made by Joyce Lundrigan, uses both Feathers and Stars
and Feathers and Wineglass blocks.
Made as a door prize for Statler Stitcher Days
at A Touch of Thread in Zanesville,OH, 2012.
Curling Vine Set   $60
Curling Vine and Leaf
Curling Vine and Posy
Curling Vine and Vine 2
Curling Vine and Vine
Curling Vine and Grapes
Curling Vine and Feather Diamond
Chevron Loopy
Chevron and Starry Pyramid
Chevron and Lines
Chevron and Lollipops
Chevron and Curlique
Chevron and Chevron
Chevron Set   $60
Curling Vine Base plus 6 interchangeable Toppers
Feather Diamond, Grapes, Leaf, Posy, Vine, and Vine 2,
Chevron Base plus 6 interchangeable Toppers
Chevron, Curlique, Lollipops, Lines, Loopy, and Starry Pyramid
Feather Pearl Set   $60
Feather Pearl Base plus 6 interchangeable Toppers
Fan, Pearl, Pearl 2, Ribbon, Rose and Swirl
Feather Pearl and Pearl
Feather Pearl and Pearl 2
Feather Pearl and Fan
Feather Pearl and Ribbon
Feather Pearl and Swirl
Feather Pearl and Rose
line pattern around her samples
of the Feather Pearl stitchouts.
It's a new P2P pattern and we
know you'll love it so we're
including it here.

Five Line Sash   $10