Faux Trapunto and Stipple Quilting

Learn a little about the history of trapunto and see examples made by hand and machine;
then discover an easy way to add raised motifs to wholecloth and appliqué quilts, as well as
open areas on pieced quilts. Use the Statler Stitcher for a perfect design, then stipple the
background using CS or by hand. Learn to select the right battings and threads for a perfect
finish. Get the effects of trapunto without cutting away the extra batting. 2 hr lecture/demo
A Modern Mix - Statler Style

Go ahead; take the leap. Have the best of both worlds with your Statler Stitcher. See
how Anita uses a combination of digitized patterns and freehand fill to quilt stunning
applique and wholecoth quilts. One hour power point presentation.
Getting the Most Out of Point to Point

Point to Point is one of the most powerful tools in Creative Studio. Discover many ways
to use P2P Line and Pattern for custom quilting in traditional patchwork, appliqué, and
contemporary designs. Quickly fill borders and sashes, add detail to appliqué shapes,
setting triangles, and background patches. Also learn how to convert
a pattern you already own to P2P.  2 hr lecture/demo
Borders and Corners for the Statler Stitcher

What do you do when you have a border pattern but no way to turn the corner? See a
variety of ways to make a smooth transition from one border to another. Learn to choose
from the patterns you already have; find designs that work well together or create a new
corner pattern. Discover how to size an place patterns and how to connect them together
or create new corner patterns to work with existing borders.  Power point presentation with
many step by step examples to show how the designs can be developed. Will include
discussions on using Creative Studio and AutoSketch. Half day with power point
presentation and samples. 2 hr lecture/demo
Statler Stitcher Lectures & Workshops
Statler Workshops
Applique with the Statler Stitcher

Whether fine, fusible or folk art is your style of applique, try this clever idea: see how it can be
done with the Statler Stitcher. Piece a background, choose a quilting design to set the mood
for the quilt, and then add the applique with the longarm, too. Anita will bring a trunk show of
many quilts created with this technique and share lots of ideas for creating your own. One
hour power point presentation with samples, or 2 hr lecture and demo at the machine.
Collage Wall Quilt

Indulge yourself in a little creative play. See how a variety of “findings” can be
combined into a one-of-a-kind quilt. Make a personalized wall quilt, filled with
mementos. A fun project for kids, or a beautiful way to remember a special time, place
or person in your life. One hour power point presentation with samples, or 3 hr

Trim Backgrounds have been extremely popular because they allow us to add a line or
grid background behind applique without tie offs. CS 4.0 includes a new Fill function
which will help us add pattern and texture inside any space or as background fill behind
appliqué or trapunto. Learn how these two functions are the same and what’s different
about them. Also see a group of new patterns that will stitch with minimal tie offs and
retraced lines. An absolute necessity for those who don't freehand.
Embroidery with the Statler Stitcher

Learn to use multiple threads to add embroidered motifs to the surface of a quilt. Add charming
details to plain blocks for a vintage look, or create something completely new. This is true surface
embroidery, not quilting with colored thread. Also included, a few thoughts on creating a Sashiko
style sampler. Anita will bring a trunk show of many quilts created with this technique and share
more ideas for creating your own. 2 hr workshop with Power Point and demo.
Quilt Rescue

How many thousands of antique tops are out there, waiting to be finished? And how many
more are we adding to that pile every day? Should we try to catch up on the backlog from
previous quilt makers or just try to keep up with our own? Which quilt tops should not be
quilted? See Anita’s adventures in quilting old tops, including interesting rescues and
exciting redesigns. One hour power point presentation with trunk show when possible.
Wholecloth Quilting - SAM to Statler Stitcher

Learn how to design custom quilting to fill any whole cloth or open area on a quilt.
Design the motif on your computer and then take it to the Statler Stitcher to complete.
Learn about fabric and thread choices for best visual effect. Use echo, convert, fill
and save to .csq. Students will work in SAM to create their own designs.
Freehand Background Textures

Learn to quilt a variety of freehand background patterns, so essential for wholecloth and
applique quilts, as well as open areas on pieced quilts. This class will add an heirloom touch
to your work, whether you are using a longarm, midarm or domestic sewing machine on a
frame. Two hour power point presentation and demo at the machine.
AutoSketch Workshops

Learn how to choose patterns that will work well together and complement the mood of the
quilt top. Discussion will include design elements such as line, scale, repetition, plus
practical decisions such as thread choices to make the quilt the best it can be.
One hour power point presentation.
Quick Custom

the quilting move across the quilt surface more quickly. Learn how to add variety to a design
without adding so many extra patterns or steps. Learn tips to make the placement of custom
quilting more efficient, plus some value-added ideas that may boost your bottom line.
Begin this two day class by installing a quilting toolbar into your AutoSketch program. Become
Spend time with hands-on practice tracing (digitizing) an image. Learn how to edit a drawing
and save it as a stitching file for use in Creative Studio.  Learn to find the best path in a
complex design, avoid intersections, add retrace lines and no-sew lines. As time permits, we’ll
also look at using guidelines, editing/altering an SKF or DXF, changing an existing pattern to
p2p, and circular array.
Please bring with you to class:
Laptop with Creative Studio and AutoSketch 9 installed
A mouse (not wireless) and pad that you are comfortable using
Note taking materials
CD with macros, toolbars, and PS .jpegs will be provided

Digitizing for Custom Quilting
For those times, when you just can’t find a pattern that suits the quilt top, here is the answer.
Learn how to digitize the patterns you need for patchwork, appliqué, backgrounds, or oddly
shaped spaces. Create a new pattern in Autosketch, then save the pattern to use in this quilt or
on the next one! Power point, demo, and hands on practice in Autosketch.
Taming Problem Quilt Tops

Do you ever find yourself looking at a quilt top that is not flat and square? Maybe blocks are
of different sizes or sashings and borders were not measured accurately? From simple
fullness or distortion, to areas of real danger, learn to decide how much will quilt out and
what might be a mission impossible.
Machine Quilting for Show

Learn what is "good, better, best" in today's quilts. Get a close up look behind the scenes, plus hear
about how workmanship and design come together to make a great quilt. Anita brings 30 years
experience in quilt show competitions, as an award-winning quilt maker, show judging coordinator and
NQA Certified Judge. One hour power point presentation.
The Modern Quilt Movement

Enjoy an overview of this new style of quilting, including what inspires
the designs quiltmakers are creating, characteristics of the design
style, how to recognize a Modern quilt top and most importantly,
suggestions on how to quilt them.
At the Machine

Learn to use all the great tools and functions CS has to offer on the tool bar and in the drop
down menus. See a different project in each class and learn to quilt traditional styles of
patchwork, embroidery, and appliqué, start to finish. We’ll use SID, Pattern to Boundary, Trim,
Fill, Convert, Echo, Measure, Rubber Stamp, Rotate, P2P, Circular Array, Function Keys, pattern
adjustment and Export to .csq and more. Learn the ins and outs of custom quilting and at the
same time, receive a project that can be repeated to make a simple gift, home dec, or craft show
item. Class can be taught as half-day SAM, half-day demo, or full day to include both.
Sunflower Table Runner
This versatile project will show students how to appliqué with the Statler Stitcher,
and quilt a narrow border without a corner pattern.
CS tools used include Draw Sewable Line, P2P SID, Pattern to Boundary, Stretch Pattern to Boundary,
Measure, Rubber Stamp, Rotate, Nudge, F11, F8, Fusible Appliqué, Pause at Jump Stitch, and Record.
Quilted Laptop Cover

Almost all of us use a laptop in our daily lives and business. Why not make a quilted cover to show off
your work and keep your “baby” safe while you travel? As a special project class, Anita will show how to
make a quilted cover, custom fit it to any size laptop. Working together, Anita and one lucky student will
make the laptop cover in class. And the best part is - the finished piece is a door prize!
Point to Point
Eight Pointed Star with Flying Geese Border

Learn to use P2P patterns to fill a variety of shapes, including squares, triangles, diamonds and flying
geese. See how the new P2P background patterns can be set up to sew continuously. Quilt a Flying
Geese border with B2B patterns, P2P in Star points, P2P background patterns. Use Endsnap, F8 Sew
Order, Repeat Patterns, Flip, Reverse Start and End, Export to .csq
Multi Block Quilt with Text

This project has potential as a quick personalized baby quilt, wedding gift, graduation gift or college
dorm quilt. The number and the size of blocks will determine the finished size of the quilt. Learn to use
P2P Triangles in the Page Turner Technique, F12 Stretch, Divide, Delete, Endsnap, Text function, quilting
with multiple threads and hand burying the thread tails.
Fresh Florals

This class is an improvisational take on appliqué with the Statler Stitcher, so get ready to play. Use free
hand cutting techniques and flower patterns you already own to create a one-of-a-kind floral wall quilt.
SAM-focused Classes
Designing on the CAD

Learn how to use the functions in Creative Studio to break designs apart and put them back
together again. Make patterns fit into wonky or unusual spaces. Redesign, restyle, make companion
pieces for patterns you already own, or create entirely new patterns to use on a current quilt and
then save them to use again.
AutoSketch Classes

Create this little piece of art completely on the Statler Stitcher. Learn piecing on the Statler,
Concatenation, setting up double row E2E, F8 Sew Order, Export to .csq, manual sizing and placement
of patterns, Appliqué with the Statler, F12 Stretch Handles, Fill, Thread painting, Stitching with multiple
threads and specialty threads.